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Summer is an action-packed time of year.  It’s important to take a “time-out” to revitalize, repair and radiate. We invite you to select one or more of these treatments that are sure-to-keep-you-smiling.


It’s sandals weather!


Show off your pretty hands and toes with bright colors this summer!


Reserve a Mani and Pedi and receive a Complimentary Paraffin Treatment!

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Get your base color or multi-dimensional color at Karen Brown Hair + Beauty!


Let us help you reveal soft, beautiful hair!

Reserve a Hair Color Treatment

and receive a Complimentary Conditioning Treatment! (a $25 value!)


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As we get older, we obviously don’t literally live by, “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.”

So, it’s important to look happy and be happy. National Smile Week is in Week 2, after National Girlfriends Day (Aug. 1st) and Friendship Day (Aug. 6th) on the calendar. With it being back to school time, it’s extra important to share and create happy memories with family and friends before life gets a little busier.

You’ve heard the saying, “You use more muscles to frown than to smile.” Technically, that’s not true.

Scientific studies show a small smile uses about 10 muscles versus a small frown which requires roughly six muscles. The numbers are closer with normal smiles (which uses 12 muscles) versus normal frowns (which uses 11 muscles).

But frowns require more effort because we generally don’t (and shouldn’t try to) use those muscles frequently. Thus, it’s easier to smile! We don’t look so miserable either.

What can make us happier or get us smiling?

1. The Spa Experience. Whether it’s a massage or a pedicure, this month is a great time to reserve some special outings with those close to you. A massage is very relaxing. It will soothe your body, reduce joint pain and anxiety, minimize back pain and promote flexibility. A pedicure will help keep your toenails healthy and you can have fun playing footsies. Reserving an outing with family and friends promotes healthy conversations and extra laughs, which means more smiles!

2. Exercise Your Body. Get outside as much as you can. Try a 30-minute walk or anything that gets you moving in the outdoors. Make it something you enjoy.

3. Exercise Your Brain. Read a book, play chess or a board game, or solve crosswords.

4. Get Enough Sleep. Try to get 8 hours of sleep each night. Fit in a nap. Be smart.

5. Eat Right. A healthy and balanced diet is crucial. Focus on variety, portions and consumption to help maintain weight.

6. Drink Right. Scale back or eliminate caffeine to reduce weight. Limit alcohol. Drink water. Flavor it if necessary.

7. Laugh More. Listen to a comedy show, exchange jokes with your friends or act silly. Make visiting the spa part of your lifestyle!

Reduce your stress and be happy!


A delicious way to enjoy your veggies and all the health benefits they provide, including detoxification! Whip up this smooth and tasty juice bursting with sweet tomatoes, carrots and a bright twist of lime!


See you soon at Karen Brown Hair + Beauty

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